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Telling happy tales since 2013

Whether real or fiction, people have always sung the praises of animals in the tales they tell. One of mankind’s most notable skills is the ability to build mutual friendships with other species, where each party brings out the best in the other. Man and horse do not complete each other. They improve each other.

Founding the Porto Pony Club was an opportunity provided by the ponies to bring out the best in us: solidarity. With the animal in the leading role, a group of companies set up this Social Sponsorship Programme which is aimed at encouraging social inclusion and the development of children, young people and adults with special needs.

The humanitarian mission of the Porto Pony Club includes providing inclusive and wide-reaching access to sports and therapy, without any social or economic barriers.

The Porto Pony Club is a private social solidarity institution (IPSS: Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social) recognised as a public utility company and registered under No. 9/14, on pages 91 (front and back) and 92, of Ledger No. 14 of the Social Solidarity Associations on 13 June 2013, under the terms of Article 9(2) of the regulation approved by Order No. 139/2007, of 29 January.
The Porto Pony Club is a member of UDIPSS and of CNIS.

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